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Over the last few years my leg muscles have become really tight especially my hamstrings.. Although I have a long history of joint pain in both knees ( not arthritis) The tightness has contributed to increasing the pain around my knee joints and everything morning when I get up I feel really stiff and it is painful to walk up and downstairs..
I met Eva 2 weekends ago at a small festival where I did lots of dancing. When I got back from the festival my leg muscles and knees were so painful when I walked. I had booked a acupuncture session with Eva on the Wednesday and I wasn’t expecting to see the results so quickly. After the treatment I went home and slept for a few hours. When I woke up the muscle and knee pain had completely gone…
I would definitely recommend her treatment and I am looking forward to my next treatment 😊”

Sue Jones, 50 years old, Bristol.


“I was suffering from lower back pain for almost a year before Eva started treating me with acupuncture. Now, my pain is greatly decreased, not gone entirely as it is a work in progress, but I definately feel a lot more comfortable and I entirely ascribe this to her treatment and advice. Eva’s approach was holistic, I didn’t just recieve excellent one-on-one treatment, she gave me a lot of life-style advice that I believe had a huge amount to do with me getting better, and improving my life in general.”

Alexander Jonathon Taylor, 40 years old, Bristol

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